Rewards Card FAQs


How do I receive my Birthday Reward? 

In order to receive a birthday Reward, you need to be signed up and registered (with a valid email, birth date and check the box to opt-in to receive promotional emails) four weeks prior to your birthday month. Once that’s set, you will automatically receive a birthday Reward every year.

If you are using the Serenitee Mobile App [download for free at the Apple App or Google Play Store] you must be signed up (with a valid email, birth date an opt-in to receive promotional emails) two days prior to your birthday month. 


What are Serenitee Bucks?

Serenitee Bucks are a form of virtual "currency" that will automatically be loaded on to your Rewards Card when you convert your Serenitee Rewards points into Serenitee Bucks online or using our convenient mobile app. One Serenitee Buck may be redeemed for $1 off your food and beverage purchase at any Serenitee Group Restaurant. Serenitee Bucks have no cash value, and expire in 30 days. Restrictions may apply. 


How do I turn my points to Serenitee Bucks?

You can convert your points into Serenitee Bucks with just a few clicks using the Serenitee Mobile App, available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

You can also convert your points to Serenitee Bucks online. Once you’ve logged into your online account (accessible here) and converted your points to Serenitee Bucks, the Serenitee Bucks are available for you to use immediately and will expire in 30 days.


Am I able to use my Rewards towards takeout?

Our system will not allow guests to redeem Rewards, including Serenitee Bucks and limited time offers, for takeout. However, you are able to earn points on takeout purchases. 


Do I earn points when I purchase gift cards?

No; Rewards Card holders earn points on food and beverage purchases (excluding discounts, tax & tip).


How do I get a replacement Rewards Card? 

Visit the Rewards Card section of this website, fill out the request form, check the box marked “this is a replacement card,” and we will send a replacement card to the address you provide. All of your account information, including balances and transaction history, will transfer to your new card. 


I forgot to present my card during my last visit, can I still earn points for my purchase? 

Absolutely! Please email within 14 days of your visit, and include a copy of your guest check and your Rewards Card number. The Serenitee points will be added to your account based on your pre-tax, pre-tip total.


Why didn’t I know about free stuff on my card?

A full list of your Rewards can be found on the "My Account" section of your Serenitee Rewards Mobile App. 

You will also  receive an email notification every time a Reward is loaded onto your Serenitee Rewards Card. If you're not receiving emails, please first check your online Rewards account to confirm it’s registered and we have your correct email address on file. Please also check your spam filter and the promotions tab (if you are using GMail), and add to your email contacts.

Additionally, your email address must be active on our Constant Contact list. If you think you may have unsubscribed, your email address has changed, or you haven't been receiveing our emails, please [re]sign up by visiting this link.

Your Reward Card balance will always be listed at the bottom of the receipt when you use your card at any Serenitee Group Restaurant.


>My companion and I both have a card, are we able to each use our card on the same check? 

No, our system will only allow us to apply one Rewards Card per check.


Am I able to use my Serenitee Rewards combined with a Coupon?

Coupons can’t be combined with any other offers.


Are there any bonus perks? 

We add surprise Rewards on to your card throughout the year!

Plus guests can earn 1,000 referral points when a friend or relative lists their name and email address when they sign up ONLINE for our Rewards Program. *Sign up referral is a one time offer. 


Am I able to use my Serenitee Points for payment on my guest check at the restaurant?

Yes, you may redeem your Rewards for Serenitee Bucks within the Serenitee Rewards App. You can use Serenitee Bucks for money off your check during your visit. 


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